Plastic Conservatory Roof

Also known as a Polycarbonate Roof

ClimateGuard Roof Insulation system

For cold conservatories and will cost you less than thermal roof blinds

  Are you tired of having a cold and uncomfortable plastic uninsulated roof that lets all the heat out during the winter months? then you need a Plastic roof with a difference, also known as a polycarbonate roof, that is properly insulated from the inside. Insulating your roof can bring numerous advantages and make it a worthwhile investment.

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Introducing Climateguard: The Permanent Solution for a plastic Roofs.

One of the key benefits of insulating your plastic roof canopy is the improved thermal efficiency it provides. By adding insulation from the inside, you can prevent heat loss and create a warmer environment in your sun room throughout the winter season. Imagine being able to enjoy your room all year round, even on chilly days!

Our ClimateGuard system is designed specifically for insulating polycarbonate panels. With this innovative solution, you can experience the benefits of a warm and cozy conservatory without breaking the bank. The money spent on insulating your roof will be well worth it when you consider the increased comfort and usability it brings.

In addition to enhanced thermal performance, an insulated plastic roof also offers aesthetic advantages. The internal plastic cladding finish adds an attractive touch to your space, creating a polished look that complements any style or design.

An insulated plastic roof is a smart choice. Not only does it provide warmth during colder months, but it also helps regulate temperature during warmer seasons by reducing heat buildup.

Don’t let your beautiful sun room go unused due to extreme temperatures. Invest in climateGuard to insulate your plastic roof today and experience the comfort and versatility that comes with it. Trust in a company that’s insulated thousands of UK Conservatory roofs, most customers wish they’d have had it done years ago!

We pride ourselves on being the cheapest and most cost-effective solutions for rooms that are either too hot or too cold, using the very best materials available.


Conservatory roof insulation UK

Changing The Way you use your Conservatory in Winter


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insulating a Polycarbonate Conservatory roof
Conservatory roof insulation
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75% Cooler in summer using ClimateGuard


Our Premium ClimateGuard Eco ceiling keeps unbearably hot Conservatory cooler in the summer months, reducing the overheating effects of the sun’s solar gain and protecting your contents from sun damage.

No more unbearable heat like You’re walking into a greenhouse! It will also help to stop harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the roof, giving you a usable room to use in the summer months.

Adequate Insulation will
Retain 90% of the heat making your sun room much Warmer In Winter


Our thermal system helps by permanently stopping your’ costly central heating from disappearing through the roof space.

It also helps to eliminate condensation in the process. Your sunroom will be just as warm as any other room in your home.

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80% Noise Reduction From Rain Sleet & Wind

Dramatically reduces outside noise levels from rain, wind and sleet. Increased insulation helps to soundproof and reduce noise levels from the wind and rain, leaving your room quieter to enjoy whatever the weather.

prevents UV rays from damaging Furniture



Insulating your polycarbonate panelled roof protects furnishings and floorings from becoming  damaged by the sun. 

Reduce Your Costly Heating Bills

With the Energy prices to rise again in 2023 its now more important than ever to make properties more thermally efficient 

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CLimateGuard will stop your room becoming Too Hot in the Summer?
Or Too Cold in the Winter?

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