How To Make A Conservatory Cooler

How To Make A Conservatory Cooler

How To Make A Conservatory Cooler In Summer & Warmer in Winter?

Here is our expert solution on how to make a conservatory cooler, we can help you maintain your conservatory at a pleasant ambient temperature all year round.

In this post we’ll discuss conservatories that are too hot in the summer months and the conservatory insulation cost. We will be discussing all known conservatory problems and fixes in future posts.

How To Make A Conservatory Cooler

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Conservatory Room

A conservatory can be a valuable extra room for your home that not only adds value to your property but can be put to many good uses. Wouldn’t it be nice to start the day off on a summer’s morning having breakfast or coffee in your conservatory, feeling fresh and relaxed without the unbearable heat issue, watching the wildlife outdoors and admiring the hard work accomplished in the garden?


Conservatory Too Hot

Most conservatory owners know just how unbearably hot their conservatory will become in the summer months. The main problem with conservatories is the lack of solar control, mainly in the roofs there either made of glass or ponpolycaate roof panels and out of the two, glass is slightly better at combating solar gain, even the more advanced and improved glazing, such as Pilkington K activ blue which would reflect a small amount of heat out of the conservatory roof but still not enough to reduce the greenhouse effect caused by the sun.

The amount of damage the sun can cause to your conservatory contents is an issue also, bleaching and fading carpets and upholstered furniture, house plants wilting, electrical appliances such as TVs, computers and monitors becoming too hot to touch and overheating. And all caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation penetrating the roof.


North Facing Conservatory

North-facing conservatories are less likely to overheat in the summer because the sun is not directly above.


South Facing Conservatory

South-Facing conservatories on the other hand, are not so lucky as the sun will be overhead most of the day and will become unbearably hot even with the conservatory windows and doors opened fully. It will also heat the adjoining rooms in your home if open-planned.


How to Insulate a Conservatory Roof 

We provide conservatory solutions for all known conservatory problems. And for the last twenty years, we have been using our expert know-how to install our system to glazed and polycarbonate roofs since 2003.


Below, the graph bar in green clearly shows the massive difference in solar control when having our Conservatory insulation installed can make to your Conservatory sun room in the summer.

Conservatory Roof Insulation Explained

This Conservatory Insulation is certified to UK industry standards, building control compliant and NHBC accepted.


How To Make A Conservatory Cooler

How to make a Conservatory Cooler

How to make a conservatory cooler. Our smart conservatory solutions have been to insulate the underside of the conservatory roof using our unique energy saving insulation that has been tried and tested in real-life too-hot or too-cold conservatory conditions and has been hot box tested against other similar insulations products on the market.

With over twenty years of experience installing & insulating conservatories for thousands of UK customers and with all the positive customer feedback received, we know that we’re doing it right.

Conservatory roof insulation systems are the most cost-effective original, conservatory insulation solution on the market today, which insulates your conservatory roof from the inside at a fraction of the cost of a new tiled conservatory roof replacement.


Conservatory Insulation Cost

So how much will it cost to insulate a conservatory, you may be thinking? An insulated conservatory roof is much cheaper than you might think.

The price starts from as little as £1,600 based on factors such as the size and conservatory style and the complexity of your roof. That’s £££ less than conservatory roof blinds.

If you would like to find out more, or you are not sure what style of conservatory you have, click on the Enquire Now button to find your conservatory roof type. 

Take back control of your conservatory room this summer with conservatory roof insulation systems.


 Cooler Conservatory room Ideas 

  1. Conservatory dining room 
  2.  Conservatory office 
  3. Conservatory bedroom, for when friends or family stopover
  4. Conservatory kitchen
  5. Conservatory playroom, safe from UV rays 
  6. Conservatory living room
  7. Conservatory garden room
  8. Conservatory gym 
  9. Conservatory utility room
  10. Conservatory sun room 
  11. Conservatory tea room