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Insulating your conservatory using Conservatory Roof Insulations in Nottingham can greatly improve its comfort and energy efficiency. The UK’s unpredictable weather patterns, with cold winters and sometimes hot summers, make it essential to ensure that your conservatory is properly insulated.

By insulating your conservatory roof, you can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, regardless of the outdoor conditions. This means that you can enjoy your conservatory living space even during the coldest of winter months or hottest summer days.

UK Manufactured High Performance premium  19 Layer Thermal Insulation eco quilt

gives immediate solar control to conservatories that become too hot in the summer. Our conservatory roof insulations with insulation grade aluminium outer layers and built-in vapour barrier is equivalent to 80mm rigid PIR insulation such as Kingspan Celotex.

We pride ourselves on being the most cost-effective conservatory solutions for Conservatories that are either too hot or too cold, using the very best materials available. Enquire today with no pushy Salesman; to contend with, Or call us on 0800 7022191.

Conservatory roof insulation UK

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Could your glass house be put to better use? Is it only used for a few months of the year, or is it just being used as a storeroom?

If so, it is time to transform your conservatory into a fully-insulated Room. It is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to transform your conservatory into a more usable living space.

insulating a Polycarbonate Conservatory roof
Conservatory roof insulation
warmer roof

Conservatory roof Insulations will make your conservatory Room 75% Cooler in summer


Our Premium Eco roof insulation keeps your unbearably hot Conservatory cooler in the summer months, reducing the overheating effects of the sun’s solar gain and protecting your Conservatory contents from sun damage.


insulation Nottingham can Make Your Cold Conservatory 90% Warmer In Winter


Our unique insulation helps by permanently stopping your’ costly central heating from going straight through your conservatory roof.

Conservatory insulation also helps to eliminate condensation in the process. Your Conservatory will be just as warm as any other room in your home.

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Conservatory roof Insulations Provides Around 80% Noise Reduction From Rain Sleet & Wind

Dramatically reduces outside noise levels from rain, wind and sleet. Increased conservatory insulation helps to soundproof and reduce noise levels from the wind and rain, leaving your conservatory quieter to enjoy and more like a room.

insulation prevents UV rays from damaging your Conservatories furniture


As all conservatory owners know, just how hot their conservatory will get in the summer months.

It can literally feel like walking into a sauna, yankee candles melting because of the unbearable heat, carpets and furniture fading because of the sun’s bleaching effect. 

Conservatory roof insulations also helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering your conservatory through the roof.

There’s no need to replace a conservatory roof when all that’s needed is our insulated conservatory roof.

Installing our thermally efficient Insulation Will Reduce Your Costly Energy Bill


With energy prices at an all time high,
it is now more important than ever to Save money on your Heating Bills.

The increased energy efficiency after having our Conservatory roof insulations installed into your conservatory roof space means no More; of your valuable heat disappearing through your polycarbonate conservatory roof.

Saving you £££s in your Energy bills and a lower carbon footprint. 

Cold Conservatory before conservatory insulation installed
Warm Conservatory

See the difference before & after Roof insulation has been installed

The images show just how incredible insulating your Conservatory roof can make to the amount of heat retained in the winter months.  

The Image show a standard Edwardian Conservatory with a typical Polycarbonate conservatory roof before & after our premium  insulation has been; installed to the underside of the Conservatory roof.

The insulation We use is UK manufactured  certified to industry standards, building control compliantNHBC accepted & fire resistance certified 

Conservatory roof insulations helps to prevent heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. This not only keeps your conservatory at a pleasant ambient temperature but also reduces the use on your heating system and cooling systems, resulting in better energy savings.

There are various roof insulation options available for conservatories in Nottingham. These include:

1. Roof insulation: Insulating the roof of your conservatory helps to regulate temperatures by reducing heat transfer through the Conservatory roof panels. This can be achieved through materials such as our Premium Eco Conservatory roof Insulations multi-layered reflective Insulation that guarantees results.

2. Wall insulation: If you have solid walls in your conservatory, adding insulation to them can enhance thermal performance. This can be done by installing insulated plasterboard to the walls using  dot & dab with a plastered finish

3. Floor insulation: Insulating the floor of your conservatory prevents heat loss through the ground and helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside but only if the roof as been insulated. Options for floor insulation include underfloor heating systems or adding insulating materials beneath flooring surfaces.

It is recommended to consult with a professional installer who specializes in conservatory roof insulations to assess your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions for insulating your conservatory in Nottingham effectively.

By investing in our premium insulation for your conservatory, you can create a more comfortable living space while reducing energy costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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