Conservatory Roof insulations

Installation Process

Step 1
Installation Date Arranged

After the first point of call, an installation date has been`confirmed.
Our polite and friendly Conservatory roof insulations team will arrive at your home at the agreed time and date.

Step 2
Roof Inspection

Before we commence work, we’ll check the roof for leaks and slipped panels `if we find any panels that have moved, we'll adjust them before installing your new insulated conservatory roof.

Step 3

Once your conservatory has been checked and is ready to go, We’ll then attach a treated timber subframe directly onto the existing internal glazing bars. Our experienced and qualified installation engineers have years of experience installing conservatories and installing; our conservatory roof insulation system. So you are in safe hands.

The system; is fully vented to eliminate condensation buildup.

Step 4
Conservatory Roof Insulations Quilt is Installed

We then install our unique 19-layer insulation quilt with its

(A) grade Aluminium polished reflective film and thermal webbing `giving Stunning and immediate insulation benefits To the entire underside of the conservatory. 

We don't use the inferior 6-layer insulation that some companies use. The insulation we use is the same; ybs insulation; that all our customers have had installed in their conservatories since 2003

We only use the best insulations materials available that have been tried & tested & updated regularly and used In our customer's conservatories for over the last 20 `years and is still the UK's No.1 insulation for Conservatories.  

Our installation process effectively deals with all forms of heat transfer, such as

conduction, convection, and radiation.

Step 5
Perimeter Sealed

Once the insulation is in place, the Ceiling Insulation is perimeter sealed.
The roof is then ready for the second and final stage timber frame that will provide a secure fixing for the PVC panelling, giving you a beautiful low maintenance insulated conservatory ceiling that you can be proud of when you show to your friends and family, your new insulated conservatory warm roof will follow the exact contours of your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof profile, to maximize headroom and to show its bespoke vaulted Profile.

Step 6
Clean Conservatory Room & Remove Waste

Once your new insulated ceiling has been; installed, we will give your conservatory' a good clean and remove all waste from your property, leaving you with a beautifully insulated conservatory to enjoy in all weather,

come rain or shine.

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