Conservatory Insulation Benefits

Conservatory roof insulation benefits explained

Conservatory Insulation the benefits explained

 Conservatory Insulation explained. The U.K. insulation values `or U Values, are currently used to measure a Product’s Heat transfer `the lower the U Value, the better the insulation.

Put simply our unique Conservatory insulation system out-performs any other product’ on the market today.

 Typically an untreated polycarbonate roof panel has a U-Value of 1.61w/m2k. Installing roof blinds reduces this on average to 1.42w/m2k `whilst Metal Inserts; would typically reduce the U-Value to 1.1w/m2k.

When fitting our conservatory roof insulation systems, a typical U-value of 0.42w/m2k can be achieved, second only to a new build tiled roof of 0.35w/m2k.

Superior Fire Protection

Superior fire safety for conservatory roof lining compared to any other multifoil insulation. 

Key Benefits

  • Innovators of the Conservatory roof Insulation system
  • Energy efficient AAA performance with 19 layers of thermal insulation foil quilt
  • Added layer of security | Helps deter thief’s from gaining access to your home by going through your polycarbonate conservatory roof
  • Stops Conservatory Condensation
  • Built in Vapour Barrier
  • Equivalent to 80mm of rigid PIR insulation such as Kingspan or Celotex
  • Installed by Professionals
  • Temperature Control | Warmer in winter, Cooler in Summer
  • Cheaper Central Heating Bill
  • Reduction in Outside Noise from Rain Wind & Sleet
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Stops Conservatories from Overheating in Summer

Transform your Conservatory into a useable energy efficient room!

Our unique System, delivers stunning results with incredible, energy efficient benefits for unisulated Roofs. With the cost of energy at an all-time high, it’s time to stop your valuable heat from escaping through your roof canopy.

Our energy saving Conservatory insulation benefits will make your room 75% Cooler in summer


Our insulated roof keeps your unbearably hot Conservatory cooler in the summer months, reducing the effects of the sun’s solar gain, heating your room up and protecting its contents from sun damage.
No more unbearable heat like You’re sitting in a greenhouse! It will also help to stop harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the roof space, giving you a usable insulated cooler in the summer months.

Conservatory insulation Will Make Your Cold Room 90% Warmer In Winter


Our lightweight system helps by permanently stopping your’ costly central heating from going straight through your conservatory roof panels.

Also helps to eliminate condensation in the process. Your upgraded room will be just as warm as any other room in your home.

No more feeling like you’re at the north pole when walking into your room and with the added benefit of having a lovely looking new insulated ceiling.So don’t just sit there shivering in the cold. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Provides Around 80% Noise Reduction From Rain Sleet & Wind

Dramatically reduces outside noise levels from rain, wind and sleet. Increased insulation helps to soundproof and reduce noise levels from the wind and rain, leaving you with a quieter room to enjoy. 

prevents UV rays from damaging your furniture


As all home owners know, just how hot their garden room will get in the summer months. It can literally feel like walking into a sauna, candles melting because of the unbearable heat, carpets and furniture fading because of the sun’s bleaching effect, and clips on blinds becoming brittle.

It also helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation and additional sunlight from entering your glass or polycarbonate roof.

There’s no need to replace a polycarbonate panelled  roof when all that’s needed is our insulated roof.

Reduce Your Costly Heating Bill


With energy prices at an all- time high,

it is now more important than ever to Save money on your Energy Bills.

The increased energy efficiency after having our thermal system installed into your uninsulated roof space means no More; of your valuable heat going straight through your polycarbonate or glazed roof.

Saving you £££s in your Energy bills and a lower carbon footprint. If saving you money wasn’t enough, the additional benefits of our system mean you can use and enjoy your insulated ceiling in comfort all year round.

Cold Conservatory before conservatory insulation installed
Warm Conservatory

See the difference before and after our thermal barrier is fitted

When it comes to, energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider. The images provided clearly demonstrate the significant impact of insulating your polycarbonate roof Panels. In the “before” image, we see a standard Edwardian with a typical Polycarbonate panels, which lacks proper thermal protection. However, in the “after” image, we witness the transformation that occurs when energy-efficient superquilt is installed to the underside of the roof.

The benefits of energy-efficient quilt are undeniable. Firstly, it helps to regulate the temperature within your conservatory, ensuring that it remains comfortable all year round. No more sweltering heat in summer or freezing cold in winter!

Additionally, this type of superquilt aids in reducing energy consumption and lowering heating costs. By effectively trapping heat during colder months and preventing excessive heat buildup during warmer periods, you can enjoy a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Not only does proper a thermal barrier improve temperature control and reduce energy usage, but it also enhances soundproofing capabilities. This means you can enjoy peace and quiet inside without being disturbed by external noise.

In conclusion, investing in energy-efficient superquilt ClimateGuard system provides numerous benefits that enhance both comfort and cost-efficiency. The images speak for themselves – take action today and transform your uninsulated room into an oasis of comfort all year round! 



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