Can All Lean to Polycarbonate Conservatory
Roofs be Insulated

We would advise against Insulating
any ultralite 500 Roof

The Only Lean to Conservatory roof we would advise against insulating is The Ultralite 500 lean to roof

Not all lean Conservatories are the same, there are a few types that can’t and shouldn’t be insulated If you have the ultralite 500 roof with blue coloured roofs different to other polycarbonate roofs so easy to Identify with no standard exterior glazing bars this roof can become very brittle over time and and easily damaged. 


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We had a lady from Oxfordshire call wanting some advice, she had a local company insulate beneath her ultralite 500 roof attaching a false ceiling below. she thought all was well until the sun came out and her neighbour mentioned that her roof had started to sag and warped because of the heat and no matter how many times she called the company to complain they didn’t  want to know. 

the second occasion was another customer was having problems with little holes appearing in her ultralite 500 roof below her teenage son’s bedroom window, She was puzzled as to how and where all the little holes were coming from it turned out her son used to have a sneaky smoke with his bedroom window open and used to flip his cigarette ash onto the Conservatory roof.

That’s just how weak and easily damaged these roofs can become over time. We’ve always refused customers’ requests to install our system to this type of roof unless they want a completely new traditional timber roof installed with lightweight composite tiles fitted.


Upgrading your lean to roof to a lean to Conservatory with solid roof with a lightweight timber roof following the existing roof profile for enhanced insulation and durability. Our insulated UPVC conservatory ceilings are designed to provide superior thermal efficiency and comfortable living space all year round. Explore our range of lightweight ClimateGuard conservatory roof solutions today.




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As all owners know, just how hot conservatories will become in the summer months. candles melting because of the unbearable heat, carpets and furniture fading because of the sun’s bleaching effect. And this is what makes the ultralite 500 roof become so brittle. 

Our ClimateGuard insulation  helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the roof.

There’s no need to replace your existing Conservatories roof unless you are unfortunate enough to own a ultralite roof. 

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